Southeast University leads National Center for Applied Mathematics of Jiangsu with Nanjing University


The National Center for Applied Mathematics of Jiangsu shall be led by Southeast University and Nanjing University, jointed by other universities of Jiangsu and enterprises. On February 26, Ministry of Science and Technology issued “Letter of Supporting the Construction of National Center of Applied Mathematics by the General Office of Ministry of Science and Technology”. The National Center of Jiangsu was approved to be one of the thirteen first support construction National Centers of Applied Mathematics.

The National Center of Applied Mathematics is an important measure to implement relevant national spirit of both documents “Suggestions on Comprehensively Strengthening Basic Scientific Research” and “Work Program for Strengthening Mathematics Research”. To combine closely with the significant national development strategies and settle the requirements of national strategies, Southeast University constructs the National Center of Jiangsu in alliance with Nanjing University and other universities and well-known enterprises of Jiangsu Province.

Adhering to frontier issues of science and technology and the demands of industrial application, and focusing on the research areas including intelligent algorithms and data science, the National Center of Jiangsu carries out the cross-regional, transdisciplinary and collaborative applied researches of applied mathematics, including “Theories, Model and Algorithms to Medical Image Processing”, “Algorithms and Software to Finite-Element High Frequency Simulations”, “Theoretical Analysis and Intelligent Computing in Piping Flows”, “Investigations and Applications to Data Science in Crossed Subjects” and “Information Communication and Intelligent Control”. Utilizing the idea of “Information Mathematics”, general basic mathematical problems of the fields in modern information science and technology can be summarized and extracted to establish the breakthrough and leading mathematical theories of the development and applications of information science and technology in Jiangsu Province, which benefits to deal with the difficult and tough problems in different fields and areas, and improve the overall research and application capabilities of applied mathematics and relevant researchers.  

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