Lecture:2019/5/23,10:00-11:00,Wang Zhicheng, MIT


Speaker:Wang Zhicheng

Address: MIT

Title: A stabilized phase-field method for two-phase flow at high Reynolds number and large density/viscosity ratio

Abstract:Simulating two-phase flows in realistic   industrial-complexity conditions remains an open problem. We present a   phase-field method based on the Cahn-Hilliard equation that is able to   simulate two-phase flow at high Reynolds number and at large density and viscosity   ratios. We employ the entropy-viscosity method (EVM), applied both on the   Navier-Stokes equations and phase-field equation, to stabilize the simulation   in conjunction with an EVM-based artificial interface compression method   (AICM) that maintains the sharpness of the interface. We implement this   method based on a hybrid spectral-element/Fourier (SEF) discretization and   demonstrate second-order accuracy in time and spectral convergence rate in   space for smoothed fabricated solutions. We first test the accuracy and   robustness of the stabilized SEF-EVM solver by solving the so-called   three-dimensional LeVeque problem and compare against other available   methods. Subsequently, we simulate a rising air bubble in a water container   and find that the method is robust with respect to various parameters of the   phase-field formulation. Lastly, we apply the method to simulate the onset   and subsequent evolution of an air/oil slug in a long horizontal pipe using   realistic parameters and incorporating gravity and surface tension effects.   This is a particularly difficult flow to simulate with existing methods in   realistic conditions and here we show that the new stabilized phase-field   methods yield results in good agreement with the experimental data.

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