Professor Jinde Cao was awarded the 2019 Obada Prize


8th International Conference Mathematics and Information Sciences, 8-10 Feb. 2019, Egypt has just announced the winners of the 2019 Obada Prizes, Professor Jinde Cao from the School of Mathematics, Southeast University (SEU) was awarded the 2019 Obada Prize for the contributions to an impressive array of fields in the natural sciences, most notably to nonlinear sciences and neuronal networks. Each year, at most two Distinguished Researchers are awarded Obada Prizes, and each prize is accompanied by a medal.


Obada-Prize is an international award, endowed by the Natural Sciences Publishing and supported by African Academy of Sciences. Initiated as a recognition of his excellence Professor Abdel-Shafy Obada. The Obada-Prize recognizes and encourages innovative and interdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional boundaries and paradigms. It aims to foster universal values of excellence, creativity, justice, democracy, and progress and to promote the scientific, technological and humanistic achievements that advance and improve our world.


Biography of Professor Jinde Cao


Jinde Cao is an Endowed Chair Professor, the Dean of the School of Mathematics, the Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Networked Collective Intelligence of China and the Director of the Research Center for Complex Systems and Network Sciences at SEU. Prof. Cao was a recipient of the National Innovation Award of China and the Highly Cited Researcher Award in Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics. He is a fellow of IEEE, a member of the Academy of Europe, a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, a fellow of Pakistan Academy of Sciences, and an academician of the International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS).

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