Lecture:2018/12/13,16:00-17:00,Lu Xin


Title: Approximate Inversion Method for Time   Fractional Partial Differential Equations

Time: 2018/12/13,16:00-17:00


In this talk, we are mainly concerned with a   block lower triangular Toeplitz (BLTT) linear system which arises from   the finite difference discretization of time fractional partial differential   equations. The approximate inversion method is employed to solve this system   in a fast way.  Then a sufficient condition is proved to   guarantee the high accuracy of the approximate inversion method for solving   the BLTT systems, which is easy to verify in practice and has a wide range of   applications. The applications of this sufficient condition to several   existing finite difference schemes are investigated.   Finally, some numerical experiments are presented to verify the validity   of theoretical results. 

This is a joint work with Prof. Hong-Kui Pang and   Prof. Hai-Wei Sun.

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