“Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Networked Swarm Intelligence” was approved


Recently, Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province issued the 2017 Provincial Innovation Construction Projects list. “Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Networked swarm Intelligence” led by Professor Cao Jinde from Southeast University was approved.


Professor Cao Jinde’s team from School of Mathematics led the application of “Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Networked Swarm Intelligence” by combining the research teams from School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Electronic Science and Engineering and School of Transportation. The key laboratory mainly carries out the following thee areas of research:

1) the theory and methods of swarm intelligence based on neural networks;

2) the network intelligent learning and collaborative control;

3) the theory and applications of intelligent information mining and decision optimization in complex networks.

The laboratory will be centered on the theoretical research of networked swarm intelligence, engineering development and talent cultivation. A systematic set of swarm intelligence theory and methods will be developed to establish the intelligent control, intelligent transportation, intelligent communication and smart grid. The key laboratory will also build a series of simulation platforms for swarm intelligence research.

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