Prof. Jinde Cao and Associate Prof. Guanghui Wen were invited to be the editor of International Academic Journals


Invited by Professor Feliks Ivanauskas, Editor-in-Chief of Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, Professor JindeCao from Department of Mathematics of SEU will serves as an Associate Editor of this journal( In addition, invited by Professor Kenji Doya and Professor DeLiang Wang, Editors-in-Chief of Neural Networks, Professor Jinde Cao continues to serve as Associate Editor ofNeural Networks since January 2016 ( -networks/editorial-board/). Invited by Professor Li-Chen Fu, Editor-in-Chief of Asian Journal of Control, Associate Professor Guanghui Wen from Department of Mathematics of SEU will serve as an Associate Editor of this journal (

It is reported that Nonlinear Analysis: Modeling and Control, founded in 1997, is an internationally renowned journal on nonlinear system analysis, modeling and control. This journal is published by the University of Vilnius, and its SCI impact factor is 1.099. Neural Networks, founded in 1988, is an internationally recognized authoritative academic journal on neural networks and applications, with an impact factor of 2.708. Founded in 1999, Asian Journal of Control is an internationally recognized academic journal on control theory and its applications, which is published by John Wiley with an impact factor of 1.556.

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